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Test ID: Early CDT - Lung

Test Name:
Early CDT - Lung
Test Code:
Specialised Test:
Turnaround Time:
2 weeks
Test Schedule:
Fortnightly on Wednesdays
Test Type:
Single Test
Additional Test Note:
Early CDT—Lung is a rule-in test for lung cancer, helping to identify which patients are at highest risk of having a lung cancer. It can be used to detect lung cancer early and when a patient is at increased risk of the disease.

It is recommended for high-risk patients – those who are at risk of lung cancer due to a combination of age, gender, smoking history and other risk factors. Other environmental exposures (radon, dust, asbestos, radioactive substances).

The patient should be at least 50 years old with 20+ pack-years smoking history, or 40–49 years old with 20+ pack-years smoking history, and at least 1 additional risk factor. Patients should not have a history of any type of cancer.

Sample Requirement:
Plain or SST tube
Fasting Requirement:
clinical molecular
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