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Test ID: SARS-CoV-2 (For Parkway Inpatient Only)

Test Name:
SARS-CoV-2 (For Parkway Inpatient Only)
Test Code:
Specialised Test:
Turnaround Time:
24 hours
Test Schedule:
Daily (Mon – Sun), two runs per day
Cut-off timing to reach Parkway Hospitals’ laboratories: 9 am and 4.30 pm
Test Type:
Single Test
Additional Test Note:

For supporting patient care at licensed private hospitals for:

  • The management of patients who meet the suspect case definition for COVID-19;
  • The management of COVID-19 patients in-situ; and
  • Enhanced pneumonia surveillance for inpatients with signs and symptoms of pneumonia (“surveillance cases”)

Please ensure that one of the indications listed above is stated in the test order via SCM Allscripts and our PLS Laboratory Request Form in order for us to proceed with the testing. If an ‘Others’ category is stated, please ensure that clinical justifications are stated in SCM and on the PLS Laboratory Request Form. The justification for the ordering of this test will be subject to MOH audit.

We are unable to accede to any request for the testing for outpatient cases, be it for the well public or as part of general screening at the present time. The following are some examples where testing is not warranted:

  1. Elective or general health screening;
  2. Decision criterion to allow employees to return to work following from quarantine order; stay-home notice, or leave of absence; or
  3. Asymptomatic patients without valid clinical justifications.

Positive results:

All tests performed by PLS with positive and doubtful or equivocal test results must be sent to the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) for confirmation testing as stipulated by the MOH. Results will be released by PLS only after NPHL results are received by PLS.

Sample Requirement:

Suspect cases:

One nasopharyngeal swab* per day to be taken on 2 consecutive days (total of 2 swabs over 2 consecutive days) by the ordering doctor/ Infectious Disease Physician. Swabs are to be transported in 3mL universal transport media (UTM).


Surveillance cases:

One nasopharyngeal swab* to be taken by the ordering doctor/ Infectious Disease Physician. Swabs are to be transported in 3mL universal transport media (UTM).


* The A*STAR test kit is only validated for nasopharyngeal samples.



Fasting Requirement:
clinical molecular
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