COVID-19 Updates

At ParkwayHealth Laboratory, we are closely monitoring the ongoing situation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Singapore and around the world. Your health is our biggest priority.

We have implemented strict measures at our premises for the protection of our patients, visitors, staff and healthcare workers, as well as for the wider community. Rest assured we are responding to the situation by the day, and are adapting our operations to ensure our hospitals continue to be a safe environment for both existing and new patients who require medical attention.

Read about the measures we’re taking in response to the pandemic, and learn more about the coronavirus to keep you and your loved ones safe. You can also refer to Parkway Pantai Hospitals' COVID-19 self-care guide.

For information on the coronavirus situation in Singapore, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

For international patients, please read this FAQ.

Visitor and patient advisory

All individuals are required to fill the visitor registration form before entering hospital premises.

In addition, all visitors and staff are required to check in via SafeEntry before entering the hospital and clinics. Members of the public, healthcare workers and patients are also encouraged to download the TraceTogether app. Both SafeEntry and TraceTogether provide critical information for contact tracing.

With effect from 19 June 2020:

Visitation hours should be strictly followed and limited to one 2-hour block per day as far as possible.

All visitors are required to follow social isolation and infection prevention and control measures. These include:

  1. No entry for visitors who are unwell or are on medical leave
  2. Washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or applying at least 60% alcohol-based disinfection rub on hands before entry
  3. Bringing of own mask and ensuring that the mask is worn at all times during the visitation. Other forms of protection such as face shield (on its own) or bandanna are not allowed
  4. Maintaining social distancing of at least 1 metre from the other patients and visitors
  5. Not communicating and interacting with other patients or visitors

  • Outpatients may be supported by 1 accompanying visitor if required. Discretion will be given by management on a per case basis.
  • Specialist clinics will be reminded to inform patients of visitor restrictions prior to their appointments, and visitors may be denied entry should they fail to meet any of the above criteria.
  • Patients/visitors may be denied entry should entry criteria not be met.