Before Your Tests

Tips Regarding Sample Collection

Collection of Urine for Urine Culture

Clean the genital area first. Use clean water for cleansing and do not use soap or disinfectants. Pass the first portion of urine away and collect the midstream (mid-portion) urine into a sterile urine container provided by the laboratory.

Collection of 24-hour Urine

Day 1

  • Empty bladder completely at a designated time (e.g. 8am). This specimen will be discarded and the date and time are noted.
  • All subsequent voided urine will be collected in a 24-hour urine container (obtainable from the laboratory) throughout the remaining of the day and night within the 24 hours.

Day 2

  • Empty bladder at the same designated time on day 2 as noted on day 1 (e.g. 8am). This urine specimen is saved and collected together in the 24-hour urine container.


  • Normal fluid intake is encouraged during the 24-hour urine collection period.
  • Dietary restrictions are required for some procedures. Please confirm with the laboratory.


Collection of Faeces for Parasites

  • Stool specimen should remain at room temperature after collection in a clean or sterile container.
  • Avoid contamination with water or urine.
  • Examination of multiple specimens, e.g. 3 specimens, for the same patient during a period of 1 week may be necessary to coincide with the varying cyclical production of the diagnostic stages of the causative organism.