Taking a Test

    Can I walk into the outpatient lab for a blood test?

    As blood test results are best interpreted with clinical findings and family history, you should seek a doctor’s advice so relevant tests for your condition are appropriately analysed. Besides visiting your family physician or specialist, you may wish to have the tests done at any of our Parkway Shenton Medical Group clinics located island wide. Or you may also opt to have tests done at Executive Health Screeners, located within our hospital premises.

    After your consultation with the doctor, the clinic will assist to complete the sample laboratory request form below and you may have your blood samples drawn either at the clinic or at one of our outpatient laboratories.

    Sample laboratory request form

    How long must I fast if required?

    If the tests you are doing require fasting, you should fast for at least 12 hours after a normal meal.

    Can I drink while fasting?

    You can drink plain water during the fasting period

    Where can I go for my blood to be drawn?

    You may visit us at any of our outpatient laboratories during office hours with a Laboratory Request Form signed by your doctor.