About Us

About Us

Angsana Molecular & Diagnostic Laboratory (AMDL) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Parkway Pantai group, was established in 2014, and is headquartered in Singapore with branch offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia. AMDL specialises in developing panelised genetic, genomic and molecular based laboratory developed assays in four specialities:

  • Allergy and Molecular Allergology,
  • Fetal and Maternal Health,
  • Molecular Oncology and
  • Pharmacogenomics. 

AMDL is a licensed laboratory by the Ministry of Health Singapore and is also accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) since 2015. With this we can assure our clinicians and patients that our tests are robust and meet the highest standards of clinical quality. AMDL has extended the capabilities of Parkway Pantai by anchoring strategic tie ups with several well established and reputable diagnostic companies such as Admera Health, Agendia, Euroimmun, Natera, Thermo Scientific, as well as Singapore based companies such as iGENE, to offer a full complement of 21st century healthcare tools to our valued clinical partners in Singapore and beyond. 


Delivering precision diagnostics for clinicians to provide precision medicine for effective treatment and better outcomes.


Our mission is a personal one which is to help our patients discover what is causing their disease. We aim to do this by applying molecular diagnostics, using the latest evidence based validated tests that can guide treatment decisions for both doctors and patients.

We believe in our mission that by knowing more of what is causing your disease, we can make medicine personal again.